Ka-Pooch Registration

Curious about one the most important part's of any app
'Onboarding', I re-designed the process a user would take to register their dog with Ka-Pooch. The goal was to create an easy experience that would allow a user to create....

Project Details
  • Type: Passion Project (Self-Initiated)
  • Timeline: Approx 2 Month
  • Completed: September 2018
  • Wire-framing, UI Design.

The Challenge

Registration is an important part of any service platform.  More platforms are now adopting new methods of less fields to enter as well as social sign in’s in order to grab their customers attention.

The Current Process

The Ka-Pooch registration is outdated. It requires a user to

  1. Download a PDF
  2. Print PDF
  3. Write on Form
  4. Scan Form
  5. Email Form

I decided to begin another self initiated project of redesigning the Ka-Pooch Registration Experience.


I began by looking at the current Ka-Pooch Sign up Form. This consists of 3 PDF pages.
From there, I analysed all the questions and categorised them into three steps.


Round 01

I was able to jump to wire framing from the previous research I had done in the initial Ka-pooch project. I began prototyping my designs by laying out the information displayed from the categories determined above..

From this rough design, I decided to show 3 different potential users.

Upon taking them through the paper wireframes, I began to realise some of the problems I would encounter.

Round 02

I took on the feedback and looked into Registration as a holistic process.

Round 03

Upon doing some research and bringing ideas back to my initial wireframes, I began to realise some of what I had designed would not be possible in order to account for messaging and user feedback to improve the registration process. There I took to re-designing parts of the experience again.

User Interface Design

Style Guide

Polished Visuals